Keep in Touch with Your Clients at CRM from Mobile on Seasonal Holidays

Keep in Touch with Your Clients at CRM from Mobile on Seasonal Holidays

How to stay in touch and keep a clear record of each call? CRM and mobile are all you need.

Let's say there is a real estate business. Sales department gets a call from a customer who is determined to buy an apartment. But, the manager is out of the office for example at the seasonal vocation. If a company doesn’t have a system to fixe the call and send a reminder to the manager - one missed call costs thousands of dollars.

Businesses already understood that the best way is CRM-system. The database of customers in a hand-held Excel, stickers, diaries - all these have gone to the past.

Imagine, a business has a small contact center - technical support or sales department. Employees should take a call, talk, and fix its results in a system. They should be able to analyze the load on the channels and phone lines - especially if it's a phone number, mentioned in the ads. Do the lines work steadily? Are the operators overloaded?

For this, there is an integration of IP-telephony and CRM. Telecom operators have already integrated their own solutions. If the incoming call comes from an unknown client, the manager notes his number and request to the database and looks for suggestions suitable for him. The customer profile is created right during the call, and there is no need to transfer data from multiple pieces of paper.

If the incoming call comes from an already known number, it is automatically identified by the CRM. The screen displays information: name, previous requests, agreements, services provided, etc. During the conversation, the manager can rely on these data and not load the client with unnecessary information.

All this has been working with fixed lines for years. This means that your employees must always be in the office. 

To solve this issue operators also found the way out! They used to launch the integration of CRM at the mobile network level. Employees with a mobile phone and access to the Internet can be anywhere in the world and easily work out their tasks, which previously worked only in the office. The manager can sit at home, even at the resort. The main thing that he had access to the CRM.


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