Gaming addiction classified as disorder by WHO

ESA Strongly Encourages World Health Organization To Reconsider Its Gaming Addiction Classification

As Cinemablend notes, the decision by the World Health Organization to label gaming as a disorder is being taken seriously by those in the community for fear that it would lead to further stigmatization.

It's likely that there still hasn't been enough research conducted into games being actually addictive (and under the current diagnosis the World Health Organization has proposed it looks like I was definitely suffering gaming disorder for about three weeks after I broke up with my boyfriend at uni), but this combined with the wider public uproar over loot crates a year ago could prompt some increased scrutiny.

Increased availability of technology and broadband internet gets the blame for contributing to gaming addictions, according to the research. "I don't think that the WHO's proposal is reflecting a real consensus in the field", said Ferguson, pointing to an among scholars.

Internet gaming disorder is "totally different" from the gaming disorder proposed by World Health Organization, said Ferguson, and this "reflects the confusion".

Sounds like a lot of students to us, but there you go. This would be "a good thing", he said.Gentile has studied gaming disorder since 1999 and "at that time I was trying to show that it wasn't a problem", he said. Gentile hopes parents will pay more attention. Having captivated gamers for more than four decades, more than 2 billion people around the world enjoy video games. "It is usually a coping mechanism for an underlying problem". "These are co-morbid conditions", he said.

"It's always been a concern of mine what the physiological impact of gaming is on my children", said Corinne Mattson, whose 10-year-old son plays video games a couple of times a week in the basement. This suggests it's a unique condition, he said. "Why not just have a general behavioral addiction category that can apply to anything that people overdo?"

Vladimir Poznyak, a member of WHO's Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, spoke about why gaming disorder should be recognised: "Health professionals need to recognise that gaming disorder may have serious health consequences".



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