Woman accused of ruining $300K of artwork while drunk on 1st date

Massive Brawl Breaks Out in Waffle House

Lindy Lou Layman was accused of causing $300k in damages to artwork on a boozy first date at a Houston attorney's home during which she allegedly flung sculptures across the room and tore pricey paintings off the wall, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, has been charged with criminal mischief in Houston, Texas, after prosecutors say her first date with Anthony Buzbee, a prominent Texas attorney and collector of art, took a turn for the destructive on December 23, KTRK reports.

According to KTRK, Buzbee and Lindy Layman, 29, were on a date, during which she became very drunk, and the pair returned to Buzbee's home before he called for an Uber to come pick her up.

At the time of the woman's arrest, the damage was estimated to be about $300,000. The paintings apparently include an Andy Warhol original.

Layman reportedly refused to leave, and hid in Buzbee's home.

Dallas Family'Biked by Prankster
Dallas Family'Biked by Prankster

Layman is accused of pouring red wine on his paintings, ripping them off the wall, and throwing sculptures on the ground.

Layman, who is from Dallas, was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief. Buzbee thought Layman was too intoxicated and called an Uber driver, according to court details reported by KTRK. "She didn't." Buzbee's jailed date was later released on $30,000 bond.

Layman is now remanded to appear in court on Thursday.

Buzbee is a prominent lawyer who drove the guard in previous Texas Governor Rick Perry's mishandle of-energy case, which was later expelled. He also hosted a fundraiser for then-candidate Donald Trump at the mansion a year ago. He made headlines the same year for parking a tank outside of his home, causing a brief fight with his homeowner's association.



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