Assange's handle re-emerges after 'Twitter oddities' & weird US Navy post

Wikileaks Julian Assange vault 7

The official WikiLeaks Twitter account was still operating but made no mention what happened to Assange's.

Others were hesitant to believe Assange is actually the one controlling his account upon its return, with many pointing out a decrease in followers. Ecuador urged Britain today to "grant safe passage" out of the country to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after Sweden dropped a warrant that drove him to take refuge in Ecuador's London embassy. The tweet was subsequently deleted, but you can see a screenshot here.

It wasn't clear whether the account was suspended or deleted by Twitter or Assange himself - or why or for how long.

The mysterious disappearance - and re-appearance - of the account proved even more freakish when the U.S. Navy on Christmas morning mistakenly tweeted out Assange's full name, in quotes, and nothing else. There was no confirmation that Assange authored the alternative account and it was later suspended by Twitter.

However, an archive of the WikiLeaks founder's microblog can be easily found on the Internet.

WikiLeaks also posted a screenshot of the US Navy's since-deleted tweet which read "Julian Assange" in quotation marks. Assange can nearly certainly avail himself of several other social media accounts: @WikiLeaks, and those of the cat who keeps him company in his embassy exile, @EmbassyCat and on Instagram.

UPDATED Dec. 25, 2017, 4:11 p.m. ET with Twitter's response to our comment request. Sweden has since dropped those charges, but the United Kingdom government has threatened to arrest Assange should he leave the embassy due to a separate warrant.



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