Elderly couple stopped with 60 lbs of weed intended for Christmas gifts


On Tuesday, York County sheriff's deputies discovered an unconventional Mr. and Mrs. Clause. When they approached the truck, deputies said they could smell the strong odor of raw marijuana.

When asked, Patrick reportedly admitted that drugs were in the truck and allowed deputies to perform a search.

An elderly couple had an interesting excuse for the sixty pounds of marijuana police found in their vehicle.

Officers found the bags of marijuana in the Toyota Tacoma driven by the 80-year-old man and 83-year-old woman. They told cops it was intended for Christmas presents.

Lt. Vrbka said the two elderly people indicated they were from Clearlake Oaks, Calif., and were headed for Vermont.

Though many states have legalized marijuana to varying degrees, Nebraska is not among them. "Legalization of marijuana for any goal has proven to be a risky proposition because the controls placed on its use in other states have fallen short".

The couple were stopped when the truck was spotted crossing the center line on Interstate 80 near Bradshaw, Neb., and the driver failed to use the turn signal, Vrbka said.

In 2015, Gov. Pete Ricketts, a Republican, called the substance "a unsafe drug", writing in a column: "As the use of marijuana has been legalized in some states, including our neighbor Colorado, we have been able to observe the impact the legalization of marijuana has had not only in their state, but as well as our own". Patrick has since been released on bond.



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