Facebook to push more videos to users

Facebook to use its News Feed to push more videos to users

With the update, users are more likely to see videos in their News Feed that Facebook thinks they would want to watch, based on their search history and pages they have liked. The social network's growing focus on the video medium is an indication of its popularity amongst users. Almost all the production agreements were slated to end with the new year, however, some may last through the start of 2018. In August this year it created a video service called "Watch" which initially carried shows from Discovery Communications and other networks.

Facebook will make users view advertisements before they can watch some videos from next year. But Facebook also has plans to let people submit shows or videos as they do on Alphabet Inc's YouTube. "Engaging one-off videos that bring friends and communities together have always done well in News Feed and will continue to do so", the post reads. Now, apparently, even Zuckerberg is going to learn to like, if not love, pre-roll ads. By so doing, show creators will be able to grow an audience for new shows, while people will be able to connect with content they may be interested in. The company would also start testing ads in its Watch service in 2018. The test will start with six-second pre-roll ads.

Starting in January, they won't be included in any videos shorter than 3 minutes, and the first ad won't pop up until at least a minute into whatever riveting content you're consuming. This will replace the earlier arrangement where videos that were a minimum of 90 seconds were eligible for Ad Breaks.

Facebook's News Feed, which comprises posts from friends and businesses, is the first thing its 2.1 billion users see when they open the mobile app or go to the website, making it valuable online real estate. It [Facebook] said the initial test it carried out showed that satisfaction improved by 18 percent when Ad Breaks were delayed. "Viewer satisfaction numbers are typically hard to lift, so this indicates a positive shift - increasing the likelihood people will continue watching the content through the break".



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