Overwatch Returns To Winter Wonderland December 12th With Mei Yeti Hunt Mode

Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is back with an exciting game mode

Obviously, there will be new Legendary skins available, but the team won't reveal them all - that would ruin the surprise. This will once again cover the King's Row map in snow and holiday decorations, and Blizzard Entertainment has also confirmed that it has given a makeover to the Black Forest map to celebrate the gift-giving holidays. Kaplan teased some new skins in particular for Junkrat, Roadhog and a long awaited skin for Hanzo, based on a look previously featured in the Overwatch comics series.

The return of Overwatch's Winer Wonderland event has officially been announced by developer Blizzard and we already got a small taste of what we can expect.

Winter Wonderland launches on all platforms on December 12 as a free update. Aside from the brawls, legendary skins themed after the yuletide season are also making their way.

Meanwhile, Forbes noted that the key addition to the event is Mei's Yeti Hunt. Mei's job is to hunt down Winston, while Winston tries his best to stay undetected and hidden, snacking on meat. There will be a new mode within Winter Wonderland called Mei's Yeti Hunt, in which six Meis face off against one Yeti (Winston).

I'm guessing that the Yeti will have a tweaked Winston kit and suped-up Primal Rage to ensure that he can take down five Meis. It's touted as a boss-fight kind of deal, but the fun part is, another player will be playing Winston, who might develop recurring nightmares of thousands of Meis shooting at them. Players are tasked with hunting him down before his rage sets in.

"I know a lot of you are thinking it sounds kind of silly and kind of ridiculous and well, I'm here to tell you it absolutely is".

Making its grand return to close out 2017 is the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event, making a comeback after first appearing for the game right around this time previous year.



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