Minnesota Public Radio Cuts Ties With Garrison Keillor After Alleged Inappropriate Behavior

A Prairie Home Companion's Garrison Keillor says he's been fired over alleged improper behaviour

Minnesota Public Radio, the distributor of A Prairie Home Companion, has reportedly cut ties with Keillor, the show's creator.

I've been fired over a story that I think is more interesting and more complicated than the version MPR heard.

Minnesota Public Radio said in a statement released shortly after Keillor's announcement that it made a decision to terminate his contracts and his private media companies after someone who worked with him on "A Prairie Home Companion" came forward last month.

I am deeply grateful for all the years I had doing "A Prairie Home Companion" and "The Writer's Almanac", the summer tours, the outdoor shows at Tanglewood and Wolf Trap, the friendships of musicians and actors, the saga of Lake Wobegon, the songs and sketches, Guy Noir, Dusty & Lefty, the sheer pleasure of standing in the warmth of that audience.

Keillor retired as host of Prairie Home in 2016 and was succeeded by the show's former mandolinist, Chris Thile, but still continued to work. "The attorney leading the independent investigation has been conducting interviews and reviewing documents, and the investigation is still ongoing". In an email to the Star Tribune, he says he meant to pat a woman on her back when she told him she was unhappy. Miss Tweeden knew what the game was and played her role and on the flight home, in a spirit of low comedy, Al ogled her and pretended to grab her and a picture was taken.

"Getting fired is a real distinction in broadcasting, and I've waited 50 years for the honor", he joked. "Based on what we now know, there are no similar allegations involving other staff", the statement said. "I sent her an email of apology later and she replied that she had forgiven me and not to think about it", he added.

News of the allegations comes the day after Keillor wrote a column that rebuked the idea that Democratic Sen. Eleven years later, a talk show host in L.A., she goes public with her embarrassment, and there is talk of resignation. He writes that he thought they were friends until he got a call from her lawyer.

Keillor is among dozens of men who have been accused of sexual harassment recent weeks. And I can not in conscience bring danger to a great organization I've worked hard for since 1969. Keillor writes that calls for Senator Franken to resign are, quote, "pure absurdity". The network said it will also end its relationship with two websites associated with Keillor: the Pretty Good Goods online catalog, and the PrairieHome.org website.



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