F1 sees distinguished manufacturers make a welcome return

The F1 world is abuzz with news that 2 classic car manufacturers are entering the fray. Aston Martin has hinted and Alfa Romeo has confirmed their entry into the F1 market. These two giants of the car world will be bringing a breath of fresh air to the field. Fans have not been too enthused with the last season due to a range of factors including engine troubles for many teams, notably Red Bull.

Andy Palmer, head of Aston Martin has hinted that the manufacturer may enter the 2021 season, but he did stipulate that the current engine rules and regulations would need to be amended or changed to make things more affordable. Having to win the jackpot playing the slots NZ has to offer simply to compete wasn’t on the cards.

This has been considered by F1 management in order to reduce the complexity of their current engine models and also to open the field to new entrants who would attract more fans. Current manufacturers have strongly kicked back against these plans though. Some say this is because they wish to retain the monopoly grip they currently have while others say they simply want to keep the standard of the sport up.

Adding Some Spice to The Sport

While these are valid points, the fact remains that this season has been anything but excellent and some fresh blood, with more reasonable and balanced engine specs would do the sport great. It would also be nice to see a more competitive side to the sport, which usually sees one side dominate the entire season.

This year it was Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, despite the best efforts of Red Bull who saw their team absolutely plagued by technical issues. To compound these problems even further, Red Bull then struggled to get engine updates and improvements from Renault who also serves rival teams. Aston Martin has already engaged in dialogue with Team Red Bull so this could become a fruitful relationship.

A Long Road Ahead

Andy Palmer basically pulled Aston Martin out of bankruptcy a few years ago and he has said the move into F1 would be a massive publicity boost for the company, which many modern drivers have written off or simply forgotten about. It would certainly be a tough mission for the company, who has seen a massive downgrade in its scale and scope since the 50’s.

The company may need to pull in extra investors if they wish to fund an R&D program to develop F1 grade engines. Additionally Red Bull might not want to risk putting their eggs in with an inexperienced manufacturer who a few years ago was on the edge of bankruptcy.

Alfa Romeo on the other hand has a long and storied history with F1 and they will be entering the field for the first time since 1985. They will be partnered with Sauber but drivers have not been finalised yet. The team is looking at Charles Leclerc from Ferrari, Marcus Ericsson or Antonio Giovinazzi who is a reserve for Ferrari.

It should be a relatively low-key return for Alfa Romeo. Sauber is currently in 10 place in the constructor standings and 19th place in the driver standings, meaning Alfa Romeo can only improve Sauber’s fortunes.



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