Cyber Monday 2017 – The top sellers in electronics this year

This year saw record sales made over Black Friday and Cyber Monday with more than $50 billion spent worldwide on online shopping alone. This was a 16% increase over last year’s November sales and experts predict that by the end of the year we could see online sales totalling $100 billion for the first time ever.

The biggest growth was seen in Cyber Monday sales, which stand at $7 Billion, $1 billion more than the sales last year and a bit more than you’d make if you played bingo for money! While Cyber Monday has not become as ubiquitous as Black Friday has, it is growing in infamy with amazing deals offered on electronic goods. Let’s look at the top selling goods this year for Cyber Monday.

Streaming Devices Popular As Always

Television streaming devices have been very popular this year with Google Chromecast and the Roku Streaming Stick being the top sellers. While the Chromecast is 4 years old already, Roku entered the market this year with 5 streaming sticks all priced to undercut the Apple TV by a good margin. That said, compared to the Chromecast which is nearly half the price of the Roku already, it is tough to compete.

Apple didn’t sit out on the Cyber Monday action though with their Airpod earphones being a great seller despite their high price point. Apple’s 9.7-inch Wi-Fi enabled iPad Pro was also still a great seller thanks to massive price discounts from retailers.

New Consoles Drive Game And Hardware Sales

Videogame consoles and peripherals were some of the biggest sellers during Cyber Monday however. Nintendo has an incredible holiday season ahead of them with their new flagship title for the Switch, Super Mario Odyssey. The hype surrounding the first Mario title for Nintendo’s new console was through the roof and quite rightly so.

Nintendo has managed to make the game feel familiar yet exciting and new. It is hard to believe this 30-year-old character can still pull out a few rabbits from his hat, which just so happens to b the main feature of this title. Players can use Mario’s hat to possess a variety of creatures in the game.

The Switch itself was released in March of this year and despite the irregular release date, the console quickly became one of the best selling consoles of all time, with most consumers ignoring a very limited game library on its launch. Cyber Monday has just further driven sales for Nintendo whose console is already half as expensive as offerings from Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo Rivals Claw Back Market Share

Despite their far superior hardware, Microsoft and Sony still had to fight their way into the holiday season. Microsoft dropped their game changing console update, the Microsoft Xbox One X with a 1TB hard drive and 4K compatibility. Its sales were driven hard by Cyber Monday discounts as a full price console may have turned off many customers as the One X is debatable not a necessary upgrade for the average gamer who already owns the original.


Sony were not sitting on their laurels though, they saw massive sales with their PlayStation VR Headset bundle. Despite its high price point, it still managed to undercut many other 3D headsets on the market and can boast excellent software support from the word go.



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