Armed Israeli settlers raid Palestinian village, throw rocks at locals


According to the Israel Defense Forces, the fresh clashes between Israelis and Palestinians began after a group of settlers tried to enter Qusra.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'n they were looking into reports. The worldwide community has repeatedly called their presence and rising population the main impediment to potential peace in the region. Another sustained an injury to one of his arms, according to the Magen David Adom ambulance service. Security forces reportedly used riot dispersal methods, including tear gas, on both sides to stop the clashes.

When the Palestinian farmers arrived to tend to their olives, they realised that a large amount of the fully grown trees were poisoned after being sprayed with toxic chemicals. Medics also treated the wounded.

Parents escorting the children reportedly said at least 30 Palestinian men surrounded them and started throwing rocks.

"The investigation is continuing and police units are searching for the suspect who fled the scene", said a police spokesman. When Mr Odeh refused, one of them shot him, Mr Daghlas added.

Soldiers arrive at Bar Mitzvah Hike
Soldiers arrive at Bar Mitzvah Hike

Yesh Din human rights organization said the hikers came from the nearby illegal Esh Kodesh outpost and entered Palestinian farmland outside Qusra.

The Samaria Regional Council said in a statement that there were approximately 100 Palestinians who attacked the group of children and parents.

In the West Bank incident, the military said a group of some 20 settlers were hiking through the Palestinian village of Qusra, southeast of the city of Nablus, when they were attacked by stone throwers and two were lightly wounded.

One of the boys who took part in the hike later recounted the harrowing experience to Arutz Sheva.



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