Andy Murray looks to sport management role for future talent

Despite only being 30 years old, Andy Murray has become a sporting icon. He has garnered critical acclaim along with two Olympic medals, an incredible three grand slam titles, capped off with a Knighthood from the Queen of England.

Now the star wishes to take young sports talent under his wing by starting a sports management company. He says that he still wishes to compete in professional tennis but he also wants to expand his prospects and share his knowledge.

Reliable Mentorship And Management

Murray found his inspiration to start a management company in 2013 after he won his first of two Wimbledon titles. Murray worked with various different companies throughout his career and at this point he had met a bunch of fantastic sports insiders that he wished he knew when he was younger.

This led him down his current path of thinking. He wanted to help younger British athletes find their feet and get the help they need to be the best. He feels that the transitional phase from a junior to a professional is key in any athlete's development and young stars needing mentoring. This is true in just about every sector, and even those who enjoy the online slots Canada has on offer need some practice in order to play at their best.

Murray has now set up 77 Sports Management. The company is part of the current team that manages him. With 77 Sports Management Murray can provide personnel, nutrition, world-class facilities, expert advice as well as commercial opportunities to young sports stars. He also wishes to personally be available for all his recruits.

The Challenges Of Young Athletes

By the age of 5, Murray was already recognised as a young talent. By 13 he signed with a management company and he says that things could easily have turned out differently for him. Both he and his parents had no experience when it came to a situation like that and he hopes to prevent other young stars from heading down a dangerous path. He thinks many young stars sign harmful long-term contracts or they work with unqualified people who do not have enough talent or know how to develop young athletes in the appropriate way.

While tennis will be his first and main focus, he hopes 77 Sports Management will branch out into various sports. At the moment he is juggling many balls and he wants to remain focused on what he knows, but over time his company will develop.

The New Recruits

Andy already has three aspiring athletes in his stable. The first is 17-year-old Aiden McHugh who is a young tennis player. He is not just prolific on the tennis courts but also academically. This is an important requirement of Andy’s young stars. He wishes that all his recruits showed strong academic prowess as well as athletic ability.

His other two recruits are the sprinting twins, Shannon and Cheriece Hylton. These twin 20 year olds are both currently studying with Shannon majoring in bio-medical science and Cheriece studying business management.

Andy says that it is important to finish your academic career so you have something to fall back on after your sporting career comes to an end. He also said that it is one of his big regrets that he did not spend more time educating himself as a young sports star. With Andy in your corner, it seems the sky is the limit.



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