Industrial strategy focus on four pillars for future United Kingdom growth

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CEO Dr Colin Church says "CIWM was looking for the Industrial Strategy White Paper to recognise the role improving resource productivity can play in helping the United Kingdom economy meet the challenges it faces".

Clarke added: "The way we earn and live our lives as workers, citizens and consumers is being transformed by new technologies".

Business Secretary Greg Clark's plan has been nearly a year in the making and "will see ministers agree dozens of sector deals with different parts of industry to drive the economy forward and reverse Britain's productivity crisis", says Politico's Jack Blanchard.

MSD Managing Director in the UK and Ireland, Louise Houson said: "We believe the UK to be a unique bioscience centre of excellence and this investment presents a major opportunity for us to work in collaboration with the UK government to build on the forward thinking and ambitious Industrial Strategy white paper being published by the government today".

Hugh McNeal, RenewableUK Chief Executive expressed disappointment that the Industrial Strategy does not mention onshore wind, wave or tidal energy.

Summing up the Industrial Strategy paper, Prime Minister Theresa May said: "Our modern Industrial Strategy will shape a stronger and fairer economy for decades to come".

"We have commercial and industrial sectors - from advanced manufacturing to financial services; from life sciences to the creative industries - which are competitive with the best in the world".

"This investment presents a major opportunity for us to work in collaboration with the United Kingdom government to build on the forward thinking and ambitious ... white paper published by the government today", she added.

The plan, subtitled "Building a Britain fit for the future", sets out a "long-term vision for how Britain can build on its economic strengths, address its productivity performance, embrace technological change and boost the earning power of people across the UK".

She said: "Nothing in the White Paper will help give businesses the certainty or incentives they need to invest in the face of the Government's catastrophic handling of Brexit".

The paper briefly sets out measures to achieve this, saying that the government will work towards raising resource productivity of businesses through the promotion of recycling and strong secondary materials markets "where products are designed with efficiency and recycling in mind".

The section of the Industrial Strategy linked to the circular economy and the waste and resources strategy due out in 2018 look to be aligning with the European Commission's circular economy proposals which are nearing completion.

A theme of the 2018 resources and waste strategy will be "to support businesses in maximising the economic benefits from greater resource productivity", said today's document.

The "Sector Deals" cover construction, artificial intelligence (AI), automotive and life sciences - to help sectors grow and equip businesses for future opportunities.

This work is to build on the foundations "set out in our 25 Year Environment Plan", says the government - although the plan itself has been delayed and is not expected until the New Year. These, the white paper says, will see the government continually strengthen its policies in line with national ambitions of zero avoidable waste and doubling resource productivity by 2050.

Artificial intelligence - "we will put the United Kingdom at the forefront of the artificial intelligence and data revolution".



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