Arab League affirms solidarity with KSA's security measures

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After the meeting, Arab countries said they would address the United Nations security council's president to clarify Iranian breaches of a resolution on Tehran's ballistic missiles programme.

At the end of their meeting, held on Sunday upon an invitation from Saudi Arabia, the ministers denounced the launch of an Iranian-made ballistic missile by the Houthi movement in Yemen against King Khaled bin Abdul Aziz Airport in Riyadh earlier in November, as well as the bombing of an oil pipeline in Bahrain.

He stressed that Arab countries were targeted by the ballistic missiles, especially Saudi Arabia, and this is the reason behind its anger.

Iran is taking part in talks aimed at relieving tensions, while the Saudis were part of talks that fostered conflict, the minister said in comments carried by state news agency IRNA.

He also refused to "suggest that the Lebanese government plays a role in terrorist acts", pointing out that "the stance of the permanent representative of Lebanon to the Arab League during the foreign ministers' meeting reflects a strong national determination".

Saudi Arabia and other Arab foreign ministers will hold an emergency meeting in Cairo on Sunday to discuss confronting Iran and its Lebanese Shi'ite ally Hezbollah, who the Arab allies say are interfering in their internal affairs.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamamd Javad Zarif described as "ironic" Saudi accusing Tehran of "destabilization". He is now cooling his heels in Paris, a journey connived by Saudi and French administrations. Saudi authorities claimed of destroying the missile before reaching its destination while Houthis said that the missile hit the target successfully.

Since 2015, an Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia has been fighting to defend Yemen's internationally recognized government.

"The Iranian threats have gone beyond all limits and are pushing the region toward a risky precipice", Abul Gheit added.

Aoun has accused Saudi Arabia of holding Hariri hostage.

After the Aboul Gheit-Berri meeting, Berri's media office announced that he said: "Despite the explanation provided by the Arab League chief, I have reminded him of the decision's introduction, which stresses the importance of ensuring that relations between Arab countries and Iran are based on the principle of good neighborliness".

Lebanese foreign minister Gebran Bassil -a member of the Hizbollah-allied Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese president's son-in-law - did not attend the Cairo meeting. He added he would like to see global agencies carry out a "much more robust" job when conducting inspections in Iran.

Sunni Muslim Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran have had no diplomatic ties since January 2016 and back opposing sides in several regional conflicts, including the wars in Yemen and Syria, as well as the Lebanese issue.



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