Venus and Jupiter will appear together in the sky

On Monday morning Venus and Jupiter will be only 0.3 degrees apart in the morning sky before dawn. They are in the constellation

A telescope is not required to view the planet as both are the two brightest planets in the night sky.

Jupiter and Venus will be visible to the naked eye close together in the sky before dawn on Monday. However, a telescope or pair of high-powered binoculars focusing on Jupiter will reveal the colorful cloud bands on the planet, as well as its four largest moons.

To spot the close pairing of Venus and Jupiter, no matter where you live in the world, sky-gazers should look in the direction of sunrise very low on the east-southeast horizon, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter are not a rare event as they take place at an interval of 13 months, however this time it is the unusual proximity they will appear at, that has astonished astronomers.

The moon shines along with Venus, glowing in the centre of the image is Venus and, to its right, Jupiter.

The planets should be visible for more than an hour depending on viewing conditions, though light from the sun is expected to block out Jupiter about 15 minutes before sunrise.

Venus will be 152 million miles (246 million km) from us, while Jupiter is almost four times farther away, at 594 million miles (956 million km), the portal said.

Viewers in NY will see the Jupiter rise first at 5.26am, with Venus coming at 5.31am, according to

Venus and Jupiter will appear together in the sky before sunrise.



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