Total integration of fitness apps may be the next step.

Total integration of fitness apps may be the next step.

Are Invisibles Going to Replace Wearables?

Are Invisibles the next Wearables? Thanks to smart apparel, shoes, and jewellery, the future is looking very likely to be a totally integrated one!

Wearing Wearables Has Become the Norm

As technology has developed so too have our clothes. Tech is also getting smarter and being further integrated into many different parts of our everyday lives, wearing it in the form of compact, connected gadgetry that is starting to give us distinctive insights into unique aspects about our own personalities has become the accepted norm. Whether we’re speaking about smartwatches, fretting about which fitness tracker to get going with, or expressing admiration or contempt for the latest apparel, the technology that we are wearing is now much more able to keep track of how we are keeping healthy than ever before.


People Like to Keep it Simple


Surveys have shown that, when people are kitting themselves out with wearable tech, for the most part they like to feel natural about it. By that, seamless integration is meant, so that, instead of individuals being overly conscious of the technology they are wearing, they wish to reap the additional benefits that it is not like wearing an extra, possibly cumbersome item. Invisibility is seen as the ideal.


This is the main future evolution on the way for wearables, in the opinion of many: their disappearance. Not their departure, by any means, but the total integration of their smart features into our everyday items.


The rise of Invisibles, as they could quite rightly be called, will see wearable devices begin built into the things we make use of on a daily basis already, like the clothing and accessories that don’t look like tech. This kind of attire, shoes, and jewellery could then feed us information that is more biometric than it is right now, and may well be able to give us even more insightful information about our health.


For instance, were I interested in keeping track of the steps I had taken throughout the day before sitting down to enjoy an online pokies NZ session, I don’t want to have to hunt up and find the bracelet I need in order to do so, especially since I never wear this type of jewellery. An example of a simple, natural replacement item in this instance is the Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes. Their cost won’t break the bank, another important aspect to take into account, and the smart sneakers can record your walking, jogging, and running information without necessitating your wearing a possibly cumbersome fitness band or smartwatch.


Another good aspect of these kinds of replacements is that you won’t be in danger of forgetting to wear them: very few of us will ever leave the house without shoes on, especially in order to exercise! This means that every step you take will be logged, and the readings you receive will be far more accurate at the end of the day.


In the example used here of shoes, the makers integrate the fitness tracker into the soles, so you don’t need to add anything to your outfit in order to record the information you are interested in. Bluetooth connectivity helps you ensure that it all gets saved after you’re done as well.





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