Smart home security needs to be a priority reveals Mirai.

Smart home security needs to be a priority reveals Mirai.


Securing Smart Homes is Becoming More Important


Threat levels are rising due to the simple fact that more devices are being connected. Although solutions are available, they are for the most part ignored, and as Mirai malware proved when it managed to hack over 100 000 connected devices for its botnet, launching a Denial of Service attack, which managed to very briefly block access to sites like Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, and PayPal, device makers and users need to start getting smarter about securing their homes.


The Necessary Scope for Security Concerns Has Broadened


These days, security concerns are no longer limited to just the home router or Internet gateway. They now touch everything that is connected to the home network in question, including the computers and remote servers that make playing fun games like the online roulette NZ has to offer possible, but also the refrigerators and washing machines located within it.


The Senior Director of Product Management in Rambus’ Security Division, Asaf Ashkenazi, stated that hackers could potentially start an oven or stove, or set all the washing machines in a neighbourhood to a spin cycle and take the power grid down in this way. He explained that the system was unable to distinguish between a botnet trying to connect and a legitimate user, a fact that threatened the entire Internet infrastructure. Crime of all sorts really is everywhere, and with smart device the propensity for new attacks rises.


Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Utilises Multiple Approaches


Distributed Denial of Service attacks are able to make use of a number of different entry points and approaches. The Mirai virus put an army of unsecured devices to working together as a botnet in order to jam networks. This is why they are able to potentially cause so much harm, and why they are such a possibly lucrative target for attacks.


An Intel Security report revealed that Mirai attacks scan a big amount of IP addresses, and so finds the IoR devices behind open Telnet or SSH ports. The scanner is able to then ascertain the state of the ports, before blanketing them with commonplace default passwords and usernames.


Manufacturers are Not Addressing the Problem


Despite the mountain of warnings and evidence about how dangerous unsecured smart home devices are, Rhonda Dirvin, the Director of Ecosystem Marketing, Embedded and Automotive Lines of Business at Arm has stated that manufacturers have done almost nothing.


She says that there are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that the industry is developing so quickly that security has become an afterthought. Manufacturers are also focussed on keeping costs down in order to attract consumers, and security is not cheap. She added that this was a whole new area for manufacturers as well, so connectivity is the current focus, along with the ability to incorporate devices into a broader IoT action plan. We have just started realising how important proper security measures are, and it becomes a matter of urgency when it is revealed that the amount of connected devices looks likely to reach a total over 20 billion by 2020, according to Gartner.





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