The Fifty Shades Freed Trailer Abandons Subtlety For Straight Up Fuckin'

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"Grey" when the new character calls her by her first name.

And they still like to get a little insane in their S&M room, meaning this is anything but your average union.

Also seen in the clip is a creepy young man who seems to threaten Steele.

The erotic thriller - with all the requisite violence, kink and intrigue - comes out February 9th, 2018, just ahead of Valentine's Day.

Carve out some *special time* for yourself today, because the final Fifty Shades Freed trailer is here. Ana and Christian drive to the airport for their honeymoon ... in an Audi! What the full trailer wants you to know is there will still the brand's signature unsexy sex that you've grown to love, to hate, to love again, and so on.

'Fifty Shades Freed' trailer has been released, it brings Ana and Christian back for the climax of the final chapter. "Please stop talking to my husband as if I weren't here, Anastasia says to Gia". News how the role changed her life. To add to the misery, Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger) is still around and has Christian's ears still.

That's nearly nothing compared to Ana's former boss and villain Jack Hyde's return...

With its massive fanbase, mainly avid devourers of E L James' books, the trailer is expected to attract many millions of views over the next 24 hours.



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