Yemen rebels fired at Saudi Arabia's missile

Yemen army thwarts Houthi attacks in Taiz, kills 40

This is the first night attack on Sanaa in weeks, according to CNN's Hakim al-Masmari from Sanaa.

Saudi Arabia's Civil Aviation Authority confirmed on Twitter that the missile had been brought down near the International King Khalid Airport in Riyadh.

The missile was sacked across Saudi Arabia's southern border by Yemen's Houthi rebels, who are at war with the kingdom.

Earlier this week, a suspected airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition killed at least 29 people, including children, in northern Yemen.

The coalition didn't name the country.

Government forces repelled several attacks by Houthi rebels and allied forces of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh in the province over the past 24 hours, military spokesman Col. Abdul-Basit al-Bahr told Anadolu Agency.

A Saudi military spokesman condemned the attack in a statement, saying the missile was sacked "indiscriminately" towards a populated civilian area. It was intercepted by the Patriot missile defense system, leading to shrapnel falling over an uninhibited area east of the airport, the statement said.

Iran-backed Yemeni Huthi rebels claimed responsibility for firing missile, which was targeting the airport, the Huthis' Al-Masirah television said.

The Saudi military may have successfully used a missile defence system to shoot down the incoming threat.

The reports come a few hours after Lebanon's prime minister Saad Hariri spectacularly announced his resignation in a fiery speech televised from the Saudi capital, where he tore into what he called Iran's attempts to wrest complete control of Lebanon. "We are entering a new phase", he said.



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