Is the Weinstein Company Legally Negligent for Failing to Prevent Weinstein's Abuse?

Mimi Gloria Allred

Dominique Huett, 35, a New York-based actress, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Tuesday against The Weinstein Company, alleging that Harvey Weinstein pressured her into sex at the Pennisula Hotel in Beverly Hills in 2010 and that his company knew about multiple allegations against him of sexual misconduct dating back to the 1990s.

Attorney Gloria Allred also on Wednesday in NY held her second press conference in two days unveiling another woman claiming Weinstein sexually assaulted her. Actress Natassia Malthe told reporters that Weinstein barged into her London hotel room late at night in 2010, removed his trousers, began masturbating and then forced himself on her.

Through his spokesperson, Weinstein has denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex, but police departments in London, Los Angeles, and NY are now investigating, as is the NY attorney general.

Allred said Hayleyi is one of many women she represents who are making serious allegations against Weinstein. It says Weinstein also badgered her to give him a massage in his room at the Peninsula Hotel almost seven years ago.

The last time RAINN reported a rise in calls to its helpline, which provides free counseling to victims of sexual assault, was in February, when Taylor Swift brought a former DJ to court for groping her during a 2013 meet-and-greet. She declined again but later accepted an invitation to his SoHo home, wanting to "maintain a good relationship with him" as an important person in the entertainment business.

Allred said she has written to the Weinstein Company board, asking for a meeting.

"I haven't ever seen these kinds of ramifications for this egregious behavior", she added. Crying, "I felt the meeting was going nowhere and I left", Haleyi said. Hayleyi said she made a decision to come forward to support all the other women who have already done so.

Actress Rose McGowan recently went public with her allegation that Weinstein raped her after reaching a settlement with Weinstein in 1997.

Other examples tell of a female staff getting late-night text messages, another getting a compliment on a body part, and a candidate touching a fundraising consultant and then refusing to pay her when his advances were rebuked.

"We need justice for these victims", said Allred. "I grabbed his hand and squeezed it violently to hurt him and proceeded to hold it in place on his own thigh".

More than 40 women including actresses Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Mira Sorvio, Lupita Nyong'o and Lauren Holly have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment. "It's time for him to take meaningful actions".



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