Father of missing Richardson girl booked into jail

List: FBI seizes dozens of items from home, cars in Sherin Mathews case

A Texas father now admits that he got rid of the body of his 3-year-old daughter, police said. He was initially charged with abandoning or endangering a child after reporting the girl missing.

Wesley reportedly voluntarily went into the police station Monday and "provided an alternate statement of events from those which he had given previously, regarding the disappearance of Sherin", police said in a statement, according to Fox 4.

Richardson police say the little girl's adoptive father, Wesley Mathews, admitted to disposing of her body after he claims she died drinking a glass of milk in the family's garage.

Roughly five hours passed before Mathews contacted authorities, police said, and one of Mathews' vehicles left the residence between the time Mathews said Sherin disappeared and the time he called police. He told police officers he moved the child's body after he believed she had died.

Lawyer Bree West, a former Dallas County assistant district attorney who's not involved in the case, said that while most of the items collected at the Mathews home were pretty standard, some confiscated items - a blue string, dark hairlike fibres, vacuum contents, two yellow gloves, a dish scrubber inside two grocery bags and the washer and dryer - had stood out to her. Both were arrested after Mathews revised his statement, on Monday about what exactly happened to the child.

As of Tuesday evening, he was being held in jail with bail set at $1 million. "Wesley Mathews then physically assisted the 3-year-old girl in drinking the milk", according to the affidavit.

A post mortem has been conducted on the child's body, but the medical examiner has yet to announce the exact cause of death. He then said he did laundry until daylight at which point he was going to look for her. He said he helped Sherin once she finally began to drink her milk, but the three-year-old began to choke, coughing and breathing slowly. She was missing since October 7. Mathews and his wife Sini had adopted Sherin two years ago from an orphanage in Bihar. It quoted police Sgt. Kevin Perlich as saying that she said the clothing found on the child's body could have been something Sherin wore and gave the dental records, which were used to identify the girl. Police said they believe Sini Mathews was sleeping when the girl went missing and was unaware of the alleged punishment.

He didn't answer when reporters asked about his adopted daughter, Sherin, and why his story about her disappearance changed.



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