Autonomous cars head for the Big Apple

Cruise's self-driving Chevrolet Bolts are coming to New York next year

They are already being tested in Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

Sustained Testing in Manhattan in Early 2018 Made Possible by FY 2018 Legislation Authorizing Autonomous Vehicle Testing.

The company has tested more than 100 of the vehicles around the country, including in dense San Francisco, but New York's harsh weather and even harsher streets will "improve our software at a much faster rate", Vogt said. "This partnership with General Motors and Cruise Automation is an exciting step into that future".

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that ny will conduct its first field-test of self-driving vehicles in early 2018.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's office sent out a press release confirming this agreement with Cruise Automation.

"New York has emerged as one of the nation's leading hubs for innovation, and as we invite companies and entrepreneurs to reimagine transportation technology, we will encourage the development of new, safe travel options for New Yorkers, "Governor Cuomo said". "The spirit of innovation is what defines NY, and we are positioned on the forefront of this emerging industry that has the potential to be the next great technological advance that moves our economy and moves us forward".

As if Manhattan's streets aren't insane enough, General Motors is placing self-driving cars - Chevy Bolts - on its roads starting next year.

The cars in NY would run at Level 4 autonomy, meaning a human passenger (for the most part) monitors the systems and the vehicle navigates.

GM's and Cruise Automation's tests will be performed with an engineer behind the wheel and a second person in the passenger seat in a geofenced area of Manhattan.

General Motors announced that it has acquired Strobe Inc., a Pasadena, Calif. -based developer of laser-imaging technology (lidar) for autonomous vehicles.

Automakers are jostling with technology companies as the momentum behind driverless cars continues to grow. Based in Pasadena, California, will be taken under the wing of GM's Cruise Automation team to develop next-generation Lidar for the company's self-driving vehicles.



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