Schneiderman to Trump on Obamacare cuts: "See you in court"

Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro

Attorney generals from 18 states will sue the Trump administration after President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will end cost-sharing subsidies to payers, according to ABC News. After Congress failed to deliver a replacement for Obamacare, the president on Friday tweeted that his decision to end subsidies should force Democrats to "call me to fix" health care.

Shapiro says, the contraceptive coverage rollback is a violation of Federal law, which requires that insurance companies cover preventable health care services with no co-pay. As those insurance plans make double-digit rate increases, the government will have to spend billions more on the other subsidies that 10 million Americans receive to purchase that coverage. "That's unacceptable", Schneiderman, the attorney general said.

On Friday, Attorney General Becerra argued that the federal government's decision was "harsh" and "violates the law".

"President Trump and ultraconservatives in Congress are continuing their reckless assault on our health care and going after our NY values".

This summer, the courts granted our intervention to defend these vital subsidies and the quality, affordable health care they ensure for millions of families across the country.

Assistant Attorney General Jeff Sprung and Senior Assistant Attorney General Rene Tomisser are handling the case for Washington. The Essential Plan covers residents whose income is just above the eligibility level for Medicaid; the federal funding, which went to NY rather than the insurance companies, was based on what the value of their cost-sharing reductions would be.

The White House says the subsidies are illegal, because Congress never appropriated the money.

It's Ferguson's fifth lawsuit against the administration. The previous administration circumvented the appropriation process and unlawfully used unappropriated funding for CSR payments.

Halting the ObamaCare subsidy payments amounts to killing the Affordable Care say critics of Trump's decision.

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