President Trump Delivers Remarks to the 2017 Values Voter Summit

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The retweet suggested Mr Trump acknowledged his apparent threat, issued earlier this week, to review the licences of "fake news" TV news companies, was likely not one he could follow through.

The president hit further applause lines in a room that had earlier been treated to a speaker wearing an industrial apron in order to "drain the swamp" and an unflattering photo of Hillary Clinton shown for the goal of mockery.

His speech Friday was the third time Trump addressed the conservative gathering, after previously speaking at the event in 2015 as a candidate and then in 2016 as the Republican presidential nominee.

"Since the early days of the campaign, President Trump allied himself with values voters, promising to put an end to the 8 years of relentless assault on the First Amendment", said Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council (FRC), of which FRC Action is a legislative affiliate.

Friday's event marks the first time that a sitting president has spoken at the Family Research Council's event.

He cited his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. "We will not allow government workers to censor sermons or target our pastors, our ministers, our rabbis", he said.

"These are the people we want to hear from and they are not going to be silenced any longer", continued Trump, receiving applause from the audience. As we approach the end of the year-you know, we're getting near that handsome Christmas season that people don't talk about anymore. You go to department stores and they'll say "Happy New Year" or say other things and it will be red.

The president also touched on a topic that he often discussed on the campaign trail - that our culture should welcome back people and say "Merry Christmas" around the holidays.

The National Park Service, however, has withdrawn former plans to mount the flag at the insistence of a vexed Secretary Ryan Zinke who wished to make certain "no rainbow flag would be flying on U.S. government property", reported New York City's Gay City News.

Trump promises to restore "moral clarity" to the United States' view of the world.

80 percent of white evangelicals cast their vote for Trump last November, according to exit polls. The constituency is vital for Trump, whose approval has dipped even in red states such as Tennessee (-23 percentage points), MS (-21) and Kentucky (-20), according to a Morning Consult survey published this week. He opened his speech by mentioning the tragedy in Las Vegas and the need for prayer at this hard time. He said he was in contact with leaders in all the ravaged areas, including the president of the Virgin Islands.

Donald Trump's least presidential moments so far.



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