White House releases immigration wish list

Trump attacks GOP Sen. Corker: 'Didn't have the guts to run' for re-election

Under these principles, there will be restrictions for family-based green cards to spouses and minor children and there will also be a creation for a point-based system for legal immigration.

The proposals include funding for a southern border wall and are likely to be rebuked by Democrats.

Trump said in September that he would end the program under which Dreamers are protected, known as DACA, short for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

'I never understood - I just never got it, how you go from Charlottesville and white supremacists to reaching an agreement with him, ' Gutierrez said, suggesting that Democrats should refuse to work with the White House.

About 690,000 immigrants are enrolled in DACA, but their work permits are set to begin expiring in March. The list outlines President Trump's priorities for any deal to protect DREAMers after he ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, or DACA.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus chairwoman Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-New Mexico) also slammed Trump's proposal and said his "draconian and anti-immigrant principles jeopardize the bi-partisan, bi-cameral progress that has been made to pass a legislative solution that will protect almost 800,000 Dreamers", according to Fox News. The program shields people brought to the US illegally as children from deportation.

Democrats and immigration activists also want any deal to include a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.

The president has previously insisted the wall will go ahead and that he wants "massive border security" in exchange for a deal on DACA protections.

"Without these reforms, illegal immigration and chain migration, which severely and unfairly burden American workers and taxpayers, will continue without end", Trump said in a letter to lawmakers.

Trump was recently slammed for failing to uphold a commitment he made last month involving the protection of around 800,000 illegal immigrants who entered the country as children.

Democrats quickly opposed the plan saying it goes against the deal they struck with the President to protect so-called "Dreamers", immigrants brought to the US illegally as children.

The problem, she said, "cannot be bandaged over at the presidential level through another executive order that can be rescinded by a subsequent administration".

Trump's decision was met with protests, with several Democratic-led states threatening to sue the president.

Mr. Schumer and Mrs. Pelosi, who received the immigration principles on Sunday, reacted with dismay. "This proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise", Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and Sen.

"The morning after dinner with [the president], Schumer and Pelosi, Mulvaney said we had 'the makings of a deal, '" he continued.



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