Postponing fare hike, handing over DMRC to Delhi government against rules: Centre

The hike is proposed to be implemented on October 10

The Aam Aadmi Party-led Delhi government has been opposing the proposed Metro fare hike from October 10 and has locked horns with DMRC over the second increase this year.

"If the Central government agrees, Delhi government would be willing to take over the DMRC", he said.

Citing the example of Kolkata Metro, Kejriwal said as the central government bears 100% of loss for it; bearing 50% loss in case of Delhi doesn't seem hard.

Gahlot said that Delhi Metro was not made to be a world-class profitable venture but it'll be world class when people leave their vehicles and use it.

Not only this, but Kejriwal also said that from the recent developments, it is evident that the relationship is not one of equal partners since what the Delhi Government proposals are often disposed by the Centre.

Referring the Section 86 of the DMRC Act, Delhi CM said that it was the Central government which had set up the fourth FFC after a span of seven years.

He hoped that the spirit of partnership would continue to prevail and a mutually acceptable solution would be found. He also mooted an alternative plan, wherein the Delhi government would provide half the funds required by the Metro authorities so long as the Centre shells out a matching amount.

Total fare hike recommended by FFC over about 8 years is only 91% and this comes to less than 7% per year.

On Thursday, Delhi transport minister Kailash Gahlot had said that his government could revoke Delhi metro chief Mangu Singh's appointment if fares were increased on October 10, media reported. "If only the representatives of the Central Government on the DMRC Board cooperate, the needful can be done", the letter read.

Goel said he will ensure that Value-Added Tax is reduced provided the Centre manages to withhold the proposed fare hike of metro.

Singh is AAP's nominee on the DMRC Board. Once the fares are further increased, people will have to pay Rs 10 for 0-2 kms, Rs 20 for 2-5 kms, Rs 30 for 5-12 kms, Rs 40 for 12-21 kms, Rs 50 for 21-32 kms and Rs 60 for travelling more than 32 kms. Nobody otherwise would like to hike fares, DMRC spokesperson was quoted as saying. If the fare is revised again, it is expected to go up by a maximum of Rs. 10 w.e.f. October 10.



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