Detroit Woman Sentenced to Jail for Violating Agreement to Vaccinate Son

Mother who refused to vaccinate son gets 7 days behind bars

A MI woman faced trouble after she refused to follow the court order to take her 9-year-old son for vaccination.

Bredow's opposition to vaccination was part of a custody battle with her ex-husband Jason Horne who wanted the child to be vaccinated.

Bredow told a judge in the Oakland County Court that it was against her beliefs to immunise her children, The Sun has reported.

She had one week to comply with a judge's order to get her child his shots, or she could go to jail.

Bredow, who's Twitter profile was private but included a link to MI for Vaccine Choice, has faced mixed responses from Twitter users.

A Ferndale, Michigan, mother who reportedly refused to get her son vaccinated will spend seven days behind bars.

The level of vaccination of children in MI one of the lowest in the United States.

The mother of two cited her religious beliefs as what held her back from getting the boy vaccinated, an argument her ex's attorney called "a convenient lie". "I understand you love your children", McDonald told Bredow. Current state law requires students in all schools to have certificates of immunization for admittance into kindergarten, seventh grade or a new school district.

"It's clear to me you don't care about [court] orders, even if you agree to them", Judge Karen McDonald told Bredow on Wednesday.

The mother-of-two was found guilty of contempt of court and sentenced on Wednesday after flouting the court order. "I feel like my rights as a parent have been taken away".

The court ordered the vaccination in October 2016.

"If there's any major decisions effecting the welfare of the children, which is usually medical, dental or education, they have a duty to consult with each other", said Genesee County Circuit Judge Duncan Beagle. Some are wary of injecting different fluids to otherwise healthy children, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend for children to get vaccinated against 14 diseases by age 2.

Bredow was handcuffed in court and escorted out of the room by deputies on site.



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