OJ Simpson Devours McDonald's As His First Post-Prison Meal

Nevada Department of Corrections

Speculation had swirled over when Simpson would be turned loose after the Nevada Parole Board granted him parole in July for serving a portion of his 33-year sentence and getting credit for good behavior and taking classes in prison.

Disgraced American football star O.J. Simpson, whose racially charged 1995 murder trial riveted the nation, was released from jail on parole early Sunday after nine years behind bars for armed robbery. But Florida prison officials said documents weren't filed, and the state attorney general says she doesn't want Simpson to live in the state.

Reuters/Jason Bean/PoolO.J. Simpson arrives for his parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Centre in Lovelock, Nevada, U.S.

Though he may be free from incarceration, the former National Football League superstar still faces a massive civil settlement after being found liable in court for the 1994 slayings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

"I can tell from his voice on the phone last night that he's looking forward to freedom and hugging his family on the outside", LaVergne said.

The three had attended Simpson's parole hearing in July at the same prison where Simpson spent his prison term and was released just minutes into the first day a parole board set for his possible release.

Two of Simpson's children, Justin and Sydney, also live in Florida.

Simpson left prison shortly after midnight with all of his belongings so they couldn't be sold as memorabilia, the Post reported.

Though Florida's attorney general has urged corrections officials to object to Simpson's return, the department previously has said it would be required to accept a transfer if it met certain criteria. They had advised it would be no earlier than Monday and possibly in Las Vegas.

OJ Simpson and wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

"Our biggest concern was our safety and the public's safety and not wanting anybody, paparazzi, to follow him", she said. I don't think anybody in the world knows that's true. He was acquitted the following year in what was dubbed the "trial of the century". Simpson's conviction of kidnapping and robbery since 2008 has been normal.

"We will continue pursuing the now $60 million judgment awarded to our family after the jury found that Simpson willfully and wrongfully caused the deaths of Ron and Nicole, as well as remain dedicated in our commitment to domestic violence awareness, victim advocacy and judicial reform", the continued.



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