Google pulls YouTube from Amazon Echo Show


It seems the two companies-both of whom makes smart speakers-are having a little spat.

TENSIONS BETWEEN tech giants Amazon and Google escalated this week, with the latter on Tuesday yanking YouTube support from Amazon's Echo Show device. It's a he said, she said war that, unfortunately leaves users, not the companies, as the casualties.

Despite YouTube content being effectively banned from the Echo Show, it remains accessible on Amazon's TV streaming products, the Fire Stick and Fire TV.

It was not clear how many customers were affected. Amazon claims that Google's decision wasn't prompted by any technical reason, deeming it "disappointing" and stating that such a move hurts the customers of both companies. Amazon is seemingly upset about it because they feel there isn't a technical reason as to why Google did this, and that they did so without an explanation to Amazon or a notification to their customers.

For its part Google said it hoped the draconian action would be a temporary measure, writing: "Amazon's implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show violates our terms of service, creating a broken user experience". If the Echo Show permanently loses access to YouTube, it would certainly affect the device's appeal with consumers since it's the only Alexa smart speaker that's capable of showing videos.

Google's problem with the Echo Show is how users are unable to subscribe to YouTube channels, and how the app doesn't offer video recommendations. Understandably, one of the biggest uses of the Echo Show, then, is to watch videos on YouTube, such as following cooking recipes while in the kitchen. Amazon's Echo has about 71 percent of the market, and Google's far behind with 24 percent, according to eMarketer data from May. Users can control the speaker using a remote and built-in microphone for controlling Alexa makes things more convenient. Google's Chromecast is still not officially available to purchase from Amazon. Now, according to eMarketer, almost 36 million Americans are using one of the devices at least once a month, a 129 percent leap over a year ago.



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