Do not upgrade to iOS 11 if you use MS Office, Exchange

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But users have found the control centre menu, the one which appears when you swipe upwards from the bottom of your screen, doesn't completely disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections even after you turn them off.

The radios themselves, however, will keep humming in the background in a low-power state. It makes it easy to access different apps and also lets you toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on or off. El Reg has already sounded the alarm about potential pitfalls in the update: it won't run any of your older 32-bit-only apps, and you can't fully turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi because they're needed for file and smart watch synchronization. Among its many new features is the redesigned Control Center, which lets you toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and off. kind of.

You can factory restore your iPhone and set it up as a brand new phone.

The latest mobile operating system upgrade, iOS 11, was released Tuesday, and it has "hundreds" of new features, according to Apple.

To turn off the WiFi from the Control Center, just go to the Settings and select WiFi option.

The buzz on social media is that now you can secretly record Snapchats, Instagram Stories, and direct messages, and other ephemeral messages without the other person knowing. If you want to include audio from your phone's mic-for example, if you want to narrate a how-to video-use Touch ID to force press on the screen recording icon.

The iOS 11 version has come with many improvements in Control Center, Camera Application, App Store overhaul, Type to Siri etc, but this feature indeed was the least expected one. Now, open Control Center, take a screen shot, and you can mark it up, with doodles and underlines. When you access notifications, it no longer looks like a separate screen. The iOS 11 user interface is a fresh change in comparison to the usual software updates.

It's not really the dark mode that you were looking for, but head on to Accessibility in the Settings app and enable Smart Invert.

Thanks to Apple's ARKit, which allows developers to implement improved augmented reality experiences into their apps, there a lot more AR apps to choose from than just Pokemon Go.



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