These new Taco Bell restaurants won't have drive-thru

Fast Food Workers Nationwide To Demand Higher Wages

Some cantina locations have already been opened in locations such as Las Vegas.

This May 12, 2011 stock image shows a Taco Bell drive-thru sign. It was the first time the chain served alcohol in the U.S.Taco Bell now plans to expand into big cities with its cantinas.

The company has announced a major push into urban markets that would add 300 to 350 of its beer- and wine-serving Taco Bell Cantina concept restaurants by the year 2022, Food and Wine reported.

The stores will aim to bring in foot traffic with open kitchens and a digital menu. "This is just an expansion of restaurants in urban markets (like Berkeley) that will not have drive-thrus as part of those new developments".

Grams says with the addition of these new locations, it shows Taco Bell "isn't afraid to try new things".

Taco Bell's chief operating officer credits millennials' moving into downtown areas helping to revitalize urban areas. These new locations will be selling beer, wine, sangria and new slushies called Twisted Freezes spiked with tequila, vodka and rum.

Taco Bell has about 6,000 restaurants nationwide, but the new expansion will focus on its urban footprint.

Taco Bell is known for its unorthodox recipes, like the chain's latest Naked Taco creation, which is essentially a breakfast taco made with a fried egg as the taco shell, or a spicy burrito with cayenne pepper-flavored popping candy nestled among the beans and rice.



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