Manafort Wiretapped by Feds, Told to Expect Indictment

Manafort left the Trump campaign last August after questions about his work in Ukraine

Manafort was surveilled under a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant, which must be backed with information showing suspicion that the subject could be acting as an agent of a foreign power. Two of these sources, however, cautioned that the evidence is not conclusive.

According to CNN, the first FISA court order that investigators allegedly obtained was part of a 2014 FBI investigation into Washington firms that had worked with the Party of Regions, the former ruling party in Ukraine that was generally seen as pro-Russian.

Martosko is correct that hardly any Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants are ever rejected, but they are significantly more hard to obtain against USA persons.

It does not seem that Manafort was wiretapped while he served as Trump's campaign chairman.

"Mr. Manafort is under investigation for possible violations of tax laws, money-laundering prohibitions and requirements to disclose foreign lobbying", The New York Times states.

"It is unusual for a prosecutor to seek a search warrant against someone who, like Mr. Manafort, had already put his lawyer in contact with the Justice Department", the Times reports.

Mueller was appointed special counsel by the Department of Justice in the Russian Federation investigation in May after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Donald Trump, flanked by campaign manager Paul Manafort (3rd from right) and daughter Ivanka inJuly 2016.

The new report was followed closely by the revelation that Manafort was indeed wiretapped both before and after the election.

Mueller's team reportedly told Manafort that they planned to indict him when they picked his lock and raided his Virginia home in July.

As for the CNN report, it came after the US President wrote several tweets in March to blame the former Obama administration for allegedly wiretapping Trump Tower during the election campaign.

According to CNN, the Federal Bureau of Investigation became more interested in Manafort during the fall after intercepting communications between the longtime GOP lobbyist and Russian operatives.

CNN noted because Trump maintained contact with Manafort for long after his campaign, including when it was publicly known the Federal Bureau of Investigation was looking into him, it's possible he was picked up on some of the surveillance.

Wisenberg was a key figure in the investigation that led to the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton in 1999.

The reporter explained this "speaks to certainly a level of distrust between Bob Mueller and Paul Manafort, and you can gather that that sends a ripple throughout this investigation and certainly sends a message that this is not going to be your typical slow and steady white collar investigation".



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