German Election No Time for Complacency on Turkey and Russian Federation

Social Democratic Party leader Martin Schulz has insisted he can unseat Chancellor Angela Merkel

Whilst the wave of European right-wing populism may have peaked, it still remains a force.

In the case of Germany, despite criticism of Merkel's open-door policy that has allowed the entry of almost one million asylum seekers - and the social disruption and tension that followed - Merkel has held firm in accepting the burden and heavy cost of such a massive flow of people seeking to flee the violence in the Middle East and elsewhere. It is the world's leading industrial nation in a number of sectors, including automotive, life sciences, agri-tech, software and engineering services. "Those who want to stop a rightwing opposition leader must rely on the left", she told national news agency DPA.

Both parties want to use a budget surplus to finance tax relief for the middle class.

In an age of electoral upsets and political turbulence in the West, Germany is rather profoundly bucking the trend. The politically unstable environment of the "west" has provided an opportune movement for Berlin to look towards its long-standing Asian friend - India. Although there is little suspense as to which party comes out on top, there is nonetheless a wide array of potential outcomes in terms of the government that will be ruling Europe's largest economy for the next four years or so. At least another 299 seats are added in this way, although it can be more if so-called "balance seats" are added to make sure parliament reflects the share of the second votes won by each party.

By this time next week, September 25, Germans will know who will serve as their next chancellor. Current polling suggests that Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats will win a solid victory, followed by the Social Democrats. It has published its election program and flyers in Russian, created its own network of "Russian-Germans in the AfD" with regional sub-branches and touts Russian Germans as AfD candidates.

First, within Europe, Germany has to find a way to deal with countries - such as Hungary and Poland - that refuse to take in refugees and thereby undermine already strained European unity.

Over the course of her 12 years as Chancellor to date, Angela Merkel has developed a reputation for being steady and pragmatic, a leader who favours mutually beneficial and sustainable agreements in both the domestic and worldwide spheres. But recent appeals to the country's two largest migrant communities indicate that this might be changing.

Hundreds of AfD party members and anti-Islam activists rallied together in the eastern city of Dresden on Monday, counting down the days to a vote set to make the AfD the first far-right group in Germany's parliament in more than 50 years. Her Indian counterpart, PM Modi has faced similar domestic and regional challenges, but emerged as a promising leader, representative of strong national aspirations.

"As much as Brexit plays a role in UK, Merkel never talks about Brexit". Lindner directly criticized Merkel on the topic of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying that the chancellor had been too conciliatory and that the Turkish candidacy for European Union membership should be declared dead. However, Chancellor Merkel has stressed that the negotiations are very much between the United Kingdom and the remaining 27 European Union member states as a whole and it will be for the EU's negotiators in Brussels to forge the deal with the UK. For many months, Angela Merkel's party has polled about 37%, which puts her well into the lead, although not enough to govern alone. Shortly after the SPD announced Martin Schulz as its chancellor candidate the party saw a spike in popularity that was attributed to what, at the time, was being dubbed the "Schulz Train", attaining more 30 percent in the polls. These proposals are not very different from those of the CDU, which explains why both parties would be natural allies after the election. This was the arrangement from 2009-2013.

Ultimately, while even a CDU-led government looks unlikely to fulfil the 2% pledge anytime soon, the budget for the Bundeswehr will nearly certainly rise.



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