Google will unveil the Pixel 2 on October 4

Google is replacing defective Nexus 6P units with Pixel XLs, but only in North America

So the Californian technology company has started to tease its hotly-anticipated new smartphone range. Add in the fact that many people thought the phone was a Verizon exclusive thanks to misleading ads, and it's likely there were thousands of folks who may have considered buying a Pixel but ended up not even trying. Other options on the table include an investment by the USA company. To recall, interestingly, when the Google unveiled its first Pixel at an event in San Francisco the calendar read the same date of October 4.

Google estimates that more than 60% of searches are now done on a mobile device. There will be two devices, called something like the "Pixel 2" and "Pixel 2 XL".

Why is my phone always out of storage? This feature can scan photos you take or just scenes you point the camera at, and then offer contextual information.

Why can't my phone update itself?

Why is my smartphone so dumb?

Some of these queries are easier to decipher than others.

LG has filed its application at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for what appears to be Google's forthcoming Pixel XL 2. That's a good question and Google had better have an answer for why our phones are so cruel.

One of the more controversial likelihoods for the Pixel 2 is that Google could ditch the 3.5-mm headphone jack, a decision that seems to be increasingly common in newer smartphones.

Google is expected to keep the same display sizes with its next-generation handsets, that is, five-inches for Pixel and 5.5 inches for XL. The smaller Pixel 2's model number is G011A.

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 release date is less than two months away, and now we know the official launch date.

Those are some pretty fair questions, and we would love to see how Google plans to address such "concerns" from the general public. The brands of "Google" and "Pixel" are not mentioned anywhere.

Just like the Pixel 2 before it, the Pixel 2 XL made its way to the FCC.



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