Vladimir Putin Calls for Talks With North Korea, Not Sanctions

Putin on this year's BRICS summit. Image Credit TIME

At the same time, there is a deeply held view within Russian Federation that heightened tensions between the United States and North Korea are beneficial to Putin's diplomatic strategy.

The last nuclear test North Korea conducted was September 9, 2016 - Foundation Day previous year. The basic premise is that an attack on either ally risked a devastating American response. A senior administration official said the US was still assessing last weekend's underground explosion but so far noted nothing inconsistent with Pyongyang's claim.

Pyongyang's emerging capabilities are upsetting all calculations. The North says it detonated a hydrogen bomb in its sixth nuclear test on Sunday.

The White House on Wednesday released details of calls Tuesday with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Sheila Smith at the Council on Foreign Relations said.

"If North Korea follows this path, it will not have a bright future". The U.S. and South Korea should "immediately stop the deployment process and withdraw relevant equipment", Geng said. Others question if South Korea should have nukes of its own. He reportedly discussed the matter with Defense Minister Jim Mattis last week.

A simple way to do this could be for a nuclear-armed United States submarine to operate from one of the U.S. Navy bases in Japan, he said, a move bound to infuriate China. Locals were protesting the deployment of THAAD launchers, arguing the United States anti-missile defenses will turn the town into a primary target in the case of a North Korean strike. A nuclear leap isn't unimaginable.

"Tokyo has the civilian nuclear programme, fissile materials and the weaponisation technology necessary".

North Korea, pursuing its weapons programmes in defiance of worldwide condemnation, fired an intermediate ballistic missile over Japan last week, prompting authorities to sound sirens and advise residents to take cover.

Former Japanese defence minister Shigeru Ishiba stoked controversy on Wednesday by questioning whether Japan can expect protection under the U.S. nuclear umbrella while maintaining its non-nuclear principles.

Kang Myung-do defected from North Korea in the mid-1990s.

"Like pretty much all Russians of his generation, Putin despises Kim Jong-un".

More likely is a policy somewhere in between.

China is by far North Korea's biggest trading partner, accounting for 92% of two-way trade previous year. Or it could simply leverage its atomic arsenal to win worldwide concessions in negotiations.

North Korea borders both China and Russia meaning that a U.S.-based military intervention would severely destabilize the region. Image Credit Shifty377  Imgur
Vladimir Putin criticises US sanctions as he says President Trump is 'not my bride'

Moscow agreed to join in USA -proposed sanctions against North Korea in August, but Putin now sees those sanctions as "useless".

South Korea's defence ministry, which warned that North Korea was ready to launch an ICBM at any time, said it was not able to confirm the report.

South Korea and Japan can present no picture of apocalyptic retaliation by themselves - which adds to their current vulnerability. Moscow's trump card is its privileged communication channels to Pyongyang and its common interests with Seoul (and Beijing, and Tokyo) in avoiding a catastrophic war.

China's economic influence has been felt by South Korea as well. What if North Korea, with the world's largest standing army, crosses into the South?

A few years back, President Putin wrote off most of North Korea's Soviet-era debt in a major goodwill gesture.

Such assessments are driving the Trump administration to reassure its allies.

It's tempting to see Mr. Putin as a natural bedfellow with Mr. Kim - two authoritarian leaders gleefully tweaking Mr. Trump and causing him to lose political face. Trump's offer to sell more arms, made in a Tuesday tweet, underscored his message in a weekend call with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

He pointed to the Iran nuclear deal, which was negotiated successfully by the Obama administration but has looked fragile under Trump, saying "if the USA had spent even one fifth of the time and effort on the North Korean issue compared with the Iranian case, then the North Korean nuclear issue could have been resolved".

"That would essentially mean that they no longer have confidence in the alliance". That was years before the North demonstrated its nuclear prowess with a first explosion in 2006.

Moon's chief press secretary, Yoon Young-chan, said Putin dismissed the idea, saying he believes no amount of pressure will force North Korea to abandon its nuclear program. However, doing so could provide the South with a renewed sense that the US would use its nukes in a crisis.

Haley may have trouble getting other Security Council members - especially Russian Federation and China, which each hold veto power - to sign onto the draft sanctions as they're now written. And it's hardly universally supported among USA policy makers or SouthKoreans.

In his keynote speech, Moon praised Putin's drive to develop the Russian Far East, saying the region was a "land of hope that can bring prosperity and cooperation" to Russia and northeastern Asian nations.

The 29-nation USA -led alliance expressed full solidarity with Japan and South Korea, North Korea's neighbors.



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