Trump Speaks on Tax Reform in Bismarck, ND 9/6/2017

3 Businesses That Could Be Hurt By Trump’s Tax Plan

When President Donald Trump first announced his modified tax plan-the first comprehensive change in 30 years-one of the main amendments was the elimination of itemized tax deductions, which would be replaced by doubling the standard deduction.

The Andeavor facility in Mandan is the largest of two refineries that the company - until recently known as Tesoro - operates in the state.

Trump will be joined by North Dakota's Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp, which some believe is a plea for bipartisanship on the tax reform effort.

Hoeven and Heitkamp are both expected to travel to North Dakota with Trump on Air Force One, and they have both welcomed the president's visit to their state.

Kylie Oversen, chairwoman of North Dakota's Democratic-NPL Party, said North Dakotans are "deeply worried" about significant aspects of Trump's agenda. "We need to get the economy growing again and that's what the president focused on".

Mr. Trump won her state with 63 percent and recent polls show support for tax reform tops 70 percent in North Dakota.

"Both of the Reagan tax cuts were passed by a Democratic majority in the House, a Democratic speaker, and a vast majority of Democrats in the Senate, including a Democratic senator from the great state of North Dakota", Trump said.

"If Democrats continue their obstruction - if they don't want to bring back your jobs, raise your pay and help America win - voters should deliver a clear message: Do your job to deliver for America, or find a new job". Claire McCaskill stayed away.

Another goal of revamping the US tax code is bringing back money that USA companies have sent overseas to other countries, Trump said Wednesday. One of the ways, we can deliver a tax cut is through a more generous child tax credit.

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) arrives at the U.S. Capitol on the evening of President Barack Obama's "State of the Union" address on January 20, 2015.

THE FACTS: Trump has complained before about tax burdens in the United States.

Trump says he intends to cut taxes by the most since 1981, but the White House still hasn't released a plan with numbers to support the claim. "Tax reform that follows these principles will create millions of new jobs and ensure that more products are stamped with the very lovely letters and words, 'Made in the U.S.A'". "He isn't showing up in his a year ago to check a box".



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