The Original Xbox One Console Has Officially Been Discontinued

Microsoft stops selling the original Xbox One

Any original Xbox One's that people saw in stores after this point was from previously available stocks or second-hand used trade-ins.

Microsoft is now preparing for a major update for Xbox One Console users this fall.

Original Xbox Ones have been gradually harder and harder to find over the a year ago, and Microsoft has only been promoting the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X in that time anyway.

Introduced back in 2013 as the rival to Sony's PlayStation 4, the Xbox One served as the next-generation console after the Xbox 360.

The Xbox One X has become the fastest selling Xbox pre-order in Microsoft's history, according to the platform holder.

The upcoming Xbox One X console is the best yet, packing 12GB of GDDR5 memory, a GPU capable of 6 TFLOPs of performance, and 320GB/sec of memory bandwidth.

Microsoft's console can only be described as a beast outperforming Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro in almost every metric imaginable. It was a bulky console, sure, and we didn't really need the Kinect, but it was a marvel for Microsoft at the time, and introduced a plethora of features over the years that are now standard for the Xbox One S. Take care, old friend.

On November 7, the Xbox One X launches worldwide and it promises to be the most powerful console ever released. This is not to say that these types of games aren't available on the Xbox consoles, just that Microsoft doesn't push them much. Microsoft's new console is now available to pre-order for $499.99.



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