In the United Kingdom because of the "chemical haze" evacuated the beach

Beachy Head evacuated after 'chemical mist' leaves walkers in tears

People along the shoreline from Eastbourne to Birling Gap, near Beachy Head, were advised to close windows and doors on Sunday, but have been told it is now safe to open them.

On the South coast of the United Kingdom rescuers evacuated people from the beach Birling Gap (Sussex County) because of the "chemical haze".

Emergency personnel treated people for burning eyes, vomiting, and sore throats after they were affected by the mystery haze that made land near Beachy Head Sunday afternoon, The Independent reported.

Police said investigations are under way; they believe it may have come in from the sea.

Kyle Crickmore, who was at the Birling Gap beach with his family, said it emptied in 10 minutes after people began to feel unwell. "We are working with East Sussex fire and rescue and being supported on site by Secamb and the police".

People reported irritation of their eyes and throats as the plume of gas moved eastwards along the coast.

Long queues built up at Eastbourne Hospital.

First news of unknown gas clouds coming in from the sea was sustained at Birling Gap, between Eastbourne and Seaford, just before 5 pm.

Police told people to avoid the beach and stay indoors.

Shortly after other areas were affected, with the coast between Birling Gap across to Bexhill affected, there have also been reports of irritation in Brighton.

The appearance of the cloud of gas was treated as a "chemical incident".

Scientists suggested the haze had instead come from shipping in the English Channel or had come from further along the English coast, said the Telegraph.

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