Children Are Among the Dead After a US-Backed Raid in Somalia

Relatives carry the body of a farmer killed in an attack by Somali forces and supported by U.S. troops in lower Shebelle Region Somalia

The raid which was targeting a suspected terrorist stronghold of the al-Qaeda linked Harakat al-Shabaab terror group near the farming town of Bariire in the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia resulted in at least 10 suspected al-Shabaab casualties with an unknown number taken off the target by SNA forces.

A Somali official on Friday accused the country's armed forces and its foreign backers of killing nine civilians - including a woman and a child.

The Somalian army says its forces, supported by USA troops, mistakenly shot dead 10 Somalis, including three children, during an operation near the town of Bariire early Friday morning.

The involvement of US troops in the Friday attack was confirmed by US Africa Command, which said it was investigating reports of civilian casualties.

A Somali Lawmaker Mahad Salad condemned the attack and called for an investigation into the Barire incident on Friday.

The AMISOM and Somali forces backed by USA military have also increased airstrikes in southern Somalia in the recent past, resulting in the killing of several militants and some defections. The bodies have been displayed in the capital, Mogadishu.

"The two clans who fought misinformed the U.S. forces", said Amin, adding one group may have tipped off security forces that the other side were insurgents.

"It was this morning when white and Somali forces entered the farm. As I ran away I could see four armored vehicles parked outside", Wador said. The dead children were eight, nine, and 10 years old, said clan elder Abukar Osman Sheikh. Last year, the United States killed my people in Galkayo in a deliberate strike. "We shall no longer tolerate it", the elder said, referring to a USA confirmed 2016 airstrike in Galkayo that killed at least 10.

Somalia's information ministry says eight al-Shabab extremists were killed in the operation and no civilians were harmed.

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump approved expanded military operations against al-Shabab, including more aggressive air strikes.

The raid carried out by Somalian and U.S. forces in Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia on Friday left 10 civilians dead, according to local media.



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