Boy copied favourite movie scene to save drowning brother

The Rock: Boy saves drowning brother by copying move from Dwayne Johnson movie San Andreas

"Wow wonderful story", he wrote.

American actor, Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock, has reacted to report of a true life hero, 10-year-old Jacob O'Connor, who saved his 2-year-old brother Dylan from drowning in a pool with what he learnt from one the movies he featured in.

Back in July, Jacob's two-year-old brother Dylan fell face down into a pool at their grandmother's home in Detroit.

The scene which Jacob copied was from San Andreas in which Johnson's character tries to save his on-screen daughter using chest compressions.

"There was an quake, then it caused a tsunami and then there was a daughter that was drowning and he had to get her out and he did the same thing", he said.

Dylan was rushed to hospital and given oxygen but was discharged after two days with no detectable neurological damage or lasting effects.

"Wow wonderful story. Giving you a Twitter Jacob for saving your little brother's life". I'm amazed at what Jacob did.

But there might be more value to those movies than just the visuals and excitement. According to mom, Jacob hasn't let all the praise and talk of heroism go to his head.

In the movie, Johnson performs CPR on his daughter after she almost drowned and Jacob said he was just imitating what he saw his on-screen hero do.

Jacob's mother, Christa O'Connor, said that she was at a "loss for words" and that she was immensely proud of her son.

Dylan had been face-down in the water for nearly a minute. After spending only a day in the hospital the toddler was released and is said to be doing well. Jacob, I'm so proud of you so much so that I've got to meet you. Christa says it's "like it never happened". But nope, that's not how Jacob garnered the well-beyond-his-years, life-saving knowledge that saved his little brother's life.



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