Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie push for gay marriage in Australia

People carry banners and signs as they participate in a marriage equality march in Melbourne Australia

Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman Monica Doumit said the No Campaign was forced to deliver mail to households across Australia because it was blocked from posting material on various platforms.

A fan made Meghan aware of the poster on Twitter. It's time for marriage equality.

"I would be very emphatic that our schools, our parishes exist to teach a Catholic view of marriage", said Denis Hart, the Archbishop of Melbourne, according to the Sunday Morning Herald.

If you haven't already, you must be enrolled to vote in Australia to take part in the postal plebiscite.

Today is the last day for Australian to ensure they are properly registered on the electoral roll.

The game isn't hard to complete - just like voting Yes to give people the right to love and marry whomever they want - but it's fun.

The government's tight turnaround on the same-sex marriage postal survey has led to mass confusion among groups of voters about how they will be able to participate.

Though the poll is non-binding - Aussie politicians won't have to legalize same-sex marriage no matter the poll's results - it has started an anti-LGBTQ campaign aimed at discouraging Australians from supporting wedded same-sex couples.

Raising her voice: "Australia, I love you".

And Thor star Hemo also sought to hammer home his point by posting: 'Dear open minded, free speaking, laid back, life loving aussies.

It comes as celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and Miley Cyrus have urged people to register to vote in the plebiscite before registration closes at midnight on Thursday night.

The anti-marriage equality group - which has almost 4,000 fans - just yesterday compared same-sex marriage with "man's love for a dog" and called same-sex couples who wanted to Wednesday "counterfeits".

Anyone who needs assistance - including those who are based overseas - can authorise someone they trust to help them or to complete the form on their behalf.

The Packed to the Rafters actor took to Instagram to express his disbelief that Australia hasn't recognised same-sex marriage.



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