Taylor Swift Announces New Album 'Reputation' - When Will It Be Released?

Snakes alive! Taylor Swift teases fans

Yes, Taylor Swift fans, Wednesday was a lucky one for you.

Swift's new album will come three years after her last album, "1989", according to Billboard.

The "Shake It Off" songstress has a new album coming your way. Swift poses in a battered-looking, loose-fitting gray sweater with a zig-zag stitch detail on her right shoulder and a chain choker necklace, looking more rebel than pop princess.

With speculation from fans reaching fever pitch, Taylor confirmed that her sixth album, titled Reputation, will be released on November 10, 2017. On the right, there's a collage compiling different press clipping formats.

For the last few days, Taylor Swift has been teasing ... something.

Take, for example, the album cover for the record, which depicts Swift in grayscale, clad in a distressed sweatshirt against a backdrop of manufactured newspaper headlines. There was no title given for the single, but based on prior information that leaked, the single is rumored to be called "Timeless".

The first single from the album is out on Thursday night.

Her clashes with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris led her detractors to post the image on her accounts en-masse - implying that she's not to be trusted. She originally removed her music from music from such outlets in 2014. It goes from very soft, to hard, to soft again.

There's a good chance it will be a diss track.

. Taylor Swift's been taunting by deleting everything from her social media pages and then uploading creepy videos to them, but she FINALLY gave us the information we've been waiting to hear! See the full list of nominees now!

She's obviously going to address just about everything that's gone on in her life since 1989 dropped. Her accounts remained blank until Monday, August 21 when she shared an elusive, captionless video of a snake. Swift herself isn't scheduled to perform during the event, but the VMAs have surprised us before.



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