Wrestler Ric Flair is 'awake, communicating,' says rep, but there are complications


Flair is now hospitalized at an Atlanta-area hospital and placed in a medical coma.

Following reports that he was hospitalized over the weekend, further details about Ric Flair's status has been revealed. However, in a statement Thursday, his fiancee, Wendy Barlow, said that he had "multiple organ problems" and "still needs prayers". Flair rep Melinda Morris Zanoni said on Facebook that she can not answer personal questions on the illness.

Zanoni went on to say Flair apparently had enough energy to "cut a promo on a nurse".

"From that moment on, it all seems like a nightmare.multiple organ problems", said a screenshot of the Facebook post.

Flair has been receiving medical treatment for about a week now since Zanoni originally tweeted that her client had surgery.

According to #sports illustrated, Ric Flair did not have a heart attack and did not need heart surgery.

"Out of respect for family privacy there has not been an official Ric Flair update, which has led to false information".

She added: "The man outlived a plane crash & being struck by lightening, he is a survivor". However, Melinda also acknowledged the wrestling star still faces a "long road ahead".

Flair earned 16 world championships since the late 1970s, but became just as famous for his in-ring antics, including rule breaking, a cocky interview style, strutting and shouting the catchphrase "WOOOOO!"

In an interview with People, Flair's marketing manager and the co-founder of Get Engaged Media Cameron Fordham described the 68-year-old former pro wrestler as a "fighter".



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