Taylor Swift's Shocking Social Media Blackout Sparks Album Speculation Frenzy

Singer Taylor Swift arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills California

Some particularly keen sleuths have noted that Swift's Direct TV channel has the singer scheduled as a guest on Good Morning America tomorrow morning (August 19), further fuelling the rumours of a new single and possible album announcement.

One fan asked: "All Taylor Swift's social medias are like this".

So is Swift erasing history - on the three year anniversary of announcing her 1989 album and dropping "Shake It Off", no less? Her old Tumblr posts are gone; her infamous Instagram is empty.

She's causing a ruckus by vacating social media.

Her profile photo and postings before December 2015 were deleted from Facebook and her website was blank.

"Is the new era coming or she has been hacked??,." tweeted another confused fan, using the handle TaylorSwiftNow. Even her website's been completely stripped of all content. And check out the fact that she's taken out all her profile pictures.

Back in March, her music industry pal Ed Sheeran told the BBC Swift would probably not release music until the end of 2017 around Christmas, "because that's when everyone buys records". However, Us Weekly exclusively revealed in May that she has been quietly recording a new album during her time off.

But this purge also has them excited - Swift is known for changing up her style and approach with every album and it's been about 3 years since she released 1989, her fifth studio album.

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