Google Fire’s Guy For Memo

Google Fire’s Guy For Memo

Mr James Damore got fired from Google for sharing his views in a memo. A memo that has brought more attention to the very critical issue that is rocking Silicon Valley and indeed the rest of the world. The issue of gender gaps. 

The Other Side 

If James Damore had been a woman would “she” have lost her job for making the same comment? Google were quick to distance themselves from MrDamore’s comments. The firm then proceeded to fire the guy. This is in line with the company’s policy on diversity and inclusion. A point that was expressed by Google’s new vice president Danielle Brown.

However, Google also has a policy on free speech. And the man was expressing his own view of a problem that is rocking the world. By firing him does that not make Google as much a monster as he is? The reality is that with the current spotlight that is on tech firms about failing to be gender sensitive there is no way that James was going to keep his job. 

Being Punished For Being A Guy With An Opinion 

Being a man in the world that we are living is the most difficult thing. Unless if you are gay or disabled you are naturally one of the problem causes. And there are no special interest groups that are running to the aid of any man that is run under the gender bus. 

The average male is now at a disadvantage whenever there is an opportunity. Not only does the male have to fight to prove that he is on top against both males and females. But now after showing that he is the best he can fail to get the position because of a quarter requirement. Should the guy dare complain, he is branded with the vilest descriptions?Rather stay at home and enjoy casinos online. This will help you refresh your mind. 

Undoubtedly there is a need to even out the playing field. However, there is need to make sure that the field is level and not punish someone for being the wrong gender. It clearly becomes a form of reverse-sexism 




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