Migrants Storm Beach in Southern Spain as Confused Sunbathers Look On

The migrants flee as they reach the shore

Some 40 sub-Saharan Africans arrived by boat on a southern Spanish beach recently and scattered among startled sunbathers and a day later some 700 others tried unsuccessfully to storm the border crossing between Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta and Morocco.

"Migrants have said: 'Once you decide to take the risk, it is the route (Morocco-Spain) with the least risk, '" Villa said. The IOM reports that 97,000 migrants have gotten to Italy by boat so far this year, slightly down from the 100,000 who did so during the same period last year.

The arrivals to Greece decreased to 12,191 this year, when compared to 161,232 last year, the IOM said.

The bodies of 25 migrants have been recovered along the route this year, but the total number of deaths is likely to be far higher as most corpses are never found, Borowski added.

Spain's increase is in stark contrast to the USA where President Trump's' administration has slowed illegal border crossings by more than 72 percent compared to 2016, according to a recent Washington Times article.

Tourists on a beach in southern Spain were left shocked when a boat carrying dozens of African migrants landed in front of them.

"Given where the people are coming from, it's possible this might explain a shift away from Libya and the increased numbers in Spain", he said.

"It's important that more alternative legal pathways are established to avoid that people come to Europe, to Spain through these unsafe ways, to avoid people risking their lives at the sea", Otero said.

Spain's maritime rescue service, which includes ships, planes and helicopters, rescues migrants at sea and takes them to cities such as Almeria, Malaga, Tarifa, with the Spanish Red Cross on hand to offer aid from healthcare to food and water.

While the number of arrivals is much lower than Italy - which has seen more than 96,400 migrants arrive by sea this year - Spain is catching up with Greece, which has had 11,713 migrants arrive so far.



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