BMW plunges 7 floors in Texas parking garage

VIDEO: BMW plunges 7 floors from downtown parking garage

In a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood blockbuster, a woman's auto dramatically fell seven stories out of a Texas parking lot and smashed into the pavement, with the driver trapped inside.

Surveillance video released by the Austin Police Department shows a Chevy Tahoe driving on a street next to the garage.

The dramatic scene was captured on video released Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017, by Austin police. Out of nowhere, a BMW falls into frame, hitting the ground and bouncing against the Tahoe.

'I was talking to my mom on speaker on my phone, and I heard all these loud noises and bangs, and I remembered what had happened about 8 months ago.

Police said the woman driving the BMW, who had serious injuries from the crash, mistook the gas pedal for the brakes and crashed through the parking garage barriers. She was seriously injured in the crash.

In September a 23-year-old man accidentally drove off the garage's top level however his vehicle miraculously dangled for several minutes and he managed to escape, Dallas News reports. Bystanders reportedly helped the driver until paramedics arrived.

Last September, 23-year-old William O'Connor's Toyota 4Runner fell from the garage's top level while O'Connor was on his way to nearby Gold's Gym.



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