Hours after Lahore truck bomb, Pakistan kills four Taliban men

Pakistan: 20 injured in blast near Band Road in Lahore

An improvised explosive device was reportedly planted on the truck.

Rescue sources say at least 32 people were injured who were moved to nearby hospital and eight out of 32 are said to be in critical condition.

Last month, 26 people, including nine policemen, were killed and 58 others were injured in a bombing attack near the Arfa Karim IT Tower on Lahore's Ferozepur Road.

An official of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) said Sharif's route in the city would be revised now.

The authorities have launched an investigation to determine how and when the truck arrived in the area. The blast was heard in several areas of the city in the radius of four to five kilometres of the site. According to Rescue 1122 officials, the powerful explosion left a 10 to 15 feet crater on the spot.

It has also been reported that the blast was of such an intensity that it damaged windows of nearby buildings and and vehicles in its vicinity.

Police said that the truck in question had been carrying apricots and had been stranded there for at least three days.

The bombing was claimed by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militant group, also known as the Pakistani Taliban, in a message sent to the media by its spokesman Muhammad Khurassani.

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shehbaz Sharif has instructed police authorities to file a report of the incident. Out Fall Road is the route that the former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif had to take while returning to his hometown for the first time since the Panama Papers verdict on July 28.

They said in the recent past, the Punjab government made amendments in the Punjab Drug Act 2017 against which people from pharmaceutical industry staged a protest in February.



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