'Blumenthal Should Take a Nice Long Vacation in Vietnam'

Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut brought up potential'collusion in an interview Monday

Richard Blumenthal talk about "hoax Russian collusion", given his background in Vietnam.

On Monday, Trump blasted Blumenthal after the senator appeared on CNN, accusing the Connecticut Democrat of deceiving voters and lying about his service in Vietnam.

Blumenthal is now serving his second term as a US senator from CT, first elected in 2010 and then re-elected in 2016. "He told stories about his Vietnam battles and ... conquests, how fearless he was, and it was all a lie", Trump tweeted Monday morning. He cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness like a child.

Blumenthal also argued that Trump's tweets reinforce the need for legislation he is pushing that would prevent the president from firing Robert Mueller.

Schurin also said Trump may think Blumenthal's gaffe on his service during the Vietnam war makes him "an easy target" and is an issue that "lends itself to Trump's style of attack". Blumenthal had said he served "in" Vietnam during the war.

"Let's protect the independence and the integrity of the special counsel who is investigating Russian Federation interference in our 2016 collection, possible collusion and conspiracy involving the Trump campaign, and allegations of obstruction of justice afterwards". He claimed that he had "bone spurs" in his heels, which helped him receive one of five deferments from the draft.

Trump has unleashed another Twitterstorm, this one directed at Sen.

"Watching Senator Richard Blumenthal speak of Comey is a joke", Trump tweeted on May 10, a day after firing Comey. He said Mr Mueller's investigation must be pursued.

Trump's tweets refer to the half-dozen documented occasions where Blumenthal falsely referred to service in Vietnam. Now he judges collusion? "And I am not going to be distracted or bullied by these slurs".

President Donald Trump on Monday launched a renewed attack on Sen.

Blumenthal, a former prosecutor, mentioned "potential collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation during an appearance on CNN's 'New Day'. Trump's tweets may have had something to do with remarks the senator made on CNN that morning. While we chalk this up to the familiar bombastic exaggeration of President Trump, it should still be noted that Blumenthal served. "The best way to avoid it and maybe the only way is through legislation to protect the integrity and independence of the special counsel".

For Trump, "it's clear to say it didn't work out as well as he had hoped", said Henry Bubel, a NY tax lawyer who advised Trump's Japanese partners on tax matters in the project.



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