How to know if your eclipse glasses are the real deal

For the first time in nearly four decades a total solar eclipse will be visible to parts of the continental United States on Aug. 21. This image was taken during a 2002 total solar eclipse

The true beauty of the experience, according to NASA's Young, comes from sharing "arguably the most wonderful astronomical event that anyone can see" with millions of others.

The day will be memorable, and people will want to share the experience with other individuals. Additional details about how the eclipsed sun will look in the video have not been released.

In Minnesota, the eclipse will begin at about 11:45 a.m., and will peak at about 1 p.m.

Bruce Montgomery, a retired science teacher has a plan for the special day.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun - thereby covering the sun.

There are just under two weeks to go until the solar eclipse and you've still got time to practise photographing the full moon at night.

C2*: The moon completely covers the sun.

According to NASA, the moon's shadow will start creeping over the sun about 9 a.m. that Monday.

Respect the historic nature of this moment.

Similar to regular sunglasses, eclipse glasses block out intense solar light - just to a greater degree. About 4,000 years ago, Zhong Kang (reigned 2088-2075 BCE), the fourth king of the Xia Dynasty, beheaded two of his astrologers for failing to predict an eclipse, which had resulted in confusion and panic among the common people. Duke Energy, one of the largest utilities in North Carolina, estimates that solar energy output across their system will drop from about 2.5 GW to 0.2 GW at the height of the eclipse. This program, for customers of all ages, will provide information about eclipses and prepare participants for viewing of the eclipse on August 21.

The year's solar eclipse om August 21, is being heralded as the great American eclipse because it only passes over the United States. From there, the deep shadow of the moon will pass over parts of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and SC before ending at 4:09 p.m. ET, NASA said.

It might seem obvious, but you shouldn't expect to get a good view of the sky if you're on the street surrounded by skyscrapers.

"The most important point to remember is that during the total phase, all solar filters must be removed".

This condition caused by staring at the sun is known as solar retinopathy. Can I stare at the sun during the eclipse? No. The further people are from that line, the more off-center the moon will appear in front of the sun. Both wild and domesticated animals will display habits typically associated with nighttime routines.

Darkness will last just under two minutes in OR, gradually expanding to a maximum two minutes and 44 seconds in Shawnee National Forest in southernmost IL, nearly into Kentucky, then dwindling to 2 1/2 minutes in SC. While the sky may be dark, the horizon will resemble a ideal sunrise.

"Do not use a camera, set of binoculars, telescope, even your cell phone, do not view through these even if you're wearing the ISO stamped approved protective eye wear, " Ross said. Buying inadequate glasses, the group says, could lead to serious eye damage.

"The biggest concern about anybody viewing a solar eclipse is that they will do so without proper protection of the eyes", said Dr. David N. Ross, an optometrist.

For Crawfordsville there will be a partial eclipse with approximately 93 percent of the sun being blocked. Leading up to the eclipse, members of APSU's Department of Physics and Astronomy will provide scientific and historical context for the phenomena.



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